Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Again warm offices for civil servants in Liechtenstein

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Back to 21 degrees

Again warm offices for civil servants in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein state employees can leave their sweaters at home again. The state government decided on Tuesday to raise the temperature in administration buildings and the government building back to the usual 21 degrees.

Published: 49 minutes ago

In Liechtenstein, the government building (right) and the buildings of the state administration are again heated to 21 degrees. (archive image)

Last August, the executive lowered the room temperature to 19 degrees due to fears of energy and electricity shortages in the wake of the Ukraine war.

The danger of a shortage has now eased, the government justified the return to normal temperature in a statement. With the room temperature of 21 degrees, the state administration is based on the recommendation of the Swiss Association of Engineers and Architects and its SIA standard.

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