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Albanian became a professional shepherd because of a Swiss

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“It’s fun”

Albanian became a professional shepherd because of a Swiss

A native Albanian has been living in Switzerland for several years and is currently looking after almost 100 sheep. And all because a Swiss man once gave him a couple of animals.


Albanian-born Sefedin Bejadini takes care of 95 sheep in Switzerland.

Sefedin Bejadini (68) would never have thought that he would one day have a flock of sheep – and certainly not in Switzerland. Because the Albanian comes from Pallçishti i Poshtëm, a village in Tetovo, North Macedonia. His life changed when he came to Switzerland, according to Albora, a news site for the Albanian-speaking diaspora in Switzerland. Their “Fol Shqip Show” portrayed the 68-year-old.

“It was 1994 when a Swiss man gave me 11 sheep,” says Bejadini. «Since then I’ve been doing this job, which is also a hobby for me. Now that I’m retired, I dedicate myself entirely to the sheep and I enjoy it,” says Bejadini. He now has 95 animals. He loves every single one. “You have to take good care of your sheep.”

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