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American collects $ 1.55 million

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Because she wasn’t served

Woman collects $1.55 million

A gas station attendant in Oregon state failed to serve a woman. She then filed a lawsuit for discrimination – and was right. There was a lot of compensation for that.

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The American Rose Wakefield was not served because of her skin color.

She just wanted to fill up and was not served because of the color of her skin. “It was terrible,” says the American Rose Wakefield (63) to the TV station KGW. For this she gets a high compensation – over a million US dollars.

Specifically, it is about the incident on March 12, 2020 in the US state of Oregon. She drove her car to the gas station in the suburb of Beaverton at the Jacksons Food chain. But instead of being served, Wakefield was “humiliated and disrespected,” she explains. “I’ll take care of you when I feel like it,” the gas station attendant Nigel Powers is said to have said to her. After that, he preferred to serve other customers, as recordings from the surveillance cameras show.

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