Friday, March 24, 2023

Angry guest destroys a hotel lobby with an Audi

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Eyewitnesses are stunned

Dissatisfied hotel guest wrecks hotel lobby in Shanghai with his convertible

A hotel guest argued with the staff. Then he vented his anger and thundered his car into the lobby. The guest left pure chaos.

A hotel guest rushed into the lobby after arguing with the staff.

A dissatisfied hotel guest in China did not put up with a loud complaint: Instead, the man broke through the doors to the hotel lobby with his car – an Audi A5 – and left a trail of destruction in his wake. Videos show the white car crashing into the glass doors of the hotel in central Shanghai, knocking them off their hinges.

Then the car, a convertible with an open top, races through the lobby. The car flattens everything that stands in its way. Some people watch in amazement at the man’s destructiveness. “He’s freaking out,” one of them shouts. The car crashes into a few more doors before apparently turning toward the exit, hitting a door frame and stopping.

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