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Anti-coal protests continue

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After the Lützerath evacuation

Anti-coal protests continue

After the evacuation of the former German lignite village of Lützerath, coal opponents continued their protests on Tuesday morning in several places in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with short-term actions.

Published: 13 minutes ago

A climate activist hangs upside down from a bridge. Photo: Roberto Pfeil/dpa

A bucket-wheel excavator was manned in the Inden open-cast lignite mine and had to stop working as a result. The Aachen police spoke of around 20 activists, a spokesman for the energy company RWE of 30 to 40. In the vicinity of Rommerskirchen, a group of around 20 activists also occupied industrial railway tracks to the Neurath power plant. There were initially no riots at any location.

In Lützerath, west of Cologne, there had been violent protests over the weekend against the planned excavation in favor of opencast lignite mining. The last squatters left the site on Monday. The actual inhabitants of the hamlet were resettled years ago.

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