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Are Russian mercenaries active on the Kosovo border?

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Migrants from Switzerland stranded at the Serbian border

Are Russian mercenaries active on the Kosovo border?

War in Ukraine followed by tensions in the Western Balkans. Apparently there are Russian Wagner mercenaries in Serbia. Wagner opened a “cultural center” in Belgrade. Travelers from Switzerland are apparently prevented from entering Kosovo by such mercenaries.


Merdare is the largest and most important border crossing between Kosovo and Serbia.


Daniel KestenholzEditor night duty

Russian mercenaries are deployed in Syria, in African countries and now on the front lines in Ukraine to fight for Moscow’s interests. On December 2, the Russian mercenary group Wagner announced on Telegram that they would also open a “cultural center” in Belgrade. The head of the Serbian center is a certain Alexander Lisov, Wagner said in the statement.

Pristina blacklisted this Lisov back in 2017. It was this Lisov who registered the Wagner paramilitary group in St. Petersburg as a non-profit organization in 2017, Balkan Insights writes on Facebook. Höhnisch, Wagner wrote in the Telegram message of December 2: “Due to his charitable activities, the authorities in Pristina put Lisov in 2017 on the list of people who are prohibited from entering the territory of the unrecognized ‘Republic of Kosovo’. »

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