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Austrian experts appeal to skiers

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Lack of «ski fitness»

Austrian experts appeal to skiers

After the recent fatal ski accidents, the Austrian Board of Trustees for Alpine Safety (ÖKAS) appealed to skiers to take personal responsibility. There is often a lack of “ski fitness”, said ÖKAS President Peter Paal of the Austrian news agency APA.

ARCHIVE – The Austrian Board of Trustees for Alpine Safety appeals to the personal responsibility of skiers. Photo: Florian Sanktjohanser/dpa-tmn/archive

After the Corona years, many people are even less practiced in winter sports than before, says Paal. If you then go on the slopes, there is a risk of misjudging your own possibilities. “The best Formula 1 car is of no use if the driver is bad. And when it comes to skiing, you have to say: The pilots have gotten worse,” said the ÖKAS President on Tuesday.

At the same time, Paal spoke out against piste closures due to the accidents. The slopes are well prepared in this snowless winter. Anyone who goes skiing must also be able to master very hard artificial snow slopes and drive accordingly. Due to the weather, there is almost no snow off the piste – accordingly, the fall areas are limited and there are more dangerous situations in cases where people overstepped the edge of the piste due to overconfidence or high speed.

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