Friday, December 9, 2022

Biden and Bezos engage in a public exchange of blows

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“It doesn’t take much thought to figure out why one of the richest people in the world is opposed to an economic agenda for the middle class,” said Assistant Secretary of State Andrew Bates on Monday. The billionaire’s criticism of US President Joe Biden “also comes as no surprise after the president met with union organizers, including Amazon workers,” he added.

Biden had previously received the leader of Amazon’s first union, Christian Smalls, in the White House. Smalls clinched a major victory over Bezos in April when workers at an Amazon warehouse in the US voted to form a union representative for the first time. The White House released a video of the meeting, with Smalls wearing a jacket that read “Eat the rich.” “You’re a troublemaker,” Biden said. “I like you, you’re my kind of troublemaker,” he added, hugging the labor leader.

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