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Blood tactics cost Putin hundreds of soldiers every day

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Human Wave Attacks

Blood tactics cost Putin hundreds of soldiers every day

In the south of the Uraine, the Russian troops have retreated to the defensive. In the east, however, fierce fighting is currently raging. For Moscow, this is obviously associated with high losses. Blame: Putin’s blood tactics.


Fighters from the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic are preparing to launch a mortar shell near the town of Bakhmut.


George NopperEditor News

The retreat in Cherson in southern Ukraine enables Russian President Vladimir Putin (70) to deploy additional soldiers in the east of the country. There is fierce fighting going on there. In the vicinity of the town of Bakhmut, Russian troops recently made some ground gains. As the British military scientist Michael Clarke from London’s King’s College explains on the news channel Sky News, these successes are associated with very high losses.

According to Clarke, the fighting is particularly intense on the front line between the towns of Swatowe and Kreminna. An important road that connects Russia with the city of Luhansk runs there. “It’s one of the main supply arteries,” he says. If the Russians lose these, they would have to put up with long detours. “I think this is the most intense open fighting I’ve seen since the beginning of the war.”

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