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Bodies of the Wagner mercenaries are piled up in the cemetery

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The corpses of the Wagner mercenaries are piled up in this cemetery

The Wagner squad acts unscrupulously. They are now paying the price for their brutal actions: as satellite images show, the cemeteries have to be enlarged. Of 50,000 Wagner mercenaries, only 10,000 are still fighting at the front.

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In Bakinskaya, southwestern Russia, a graveyard of Wagner mercenaries is rapidly expanding.

Putin’s shadow army, the Wagner Troupe, is known for its brutality. Unscrupulous and cold-blooded action is taken not only against their enemies, but also within their own ranks. The conditions within the troops are cruel. Those who disobey orders pay with their lives.

The losses of Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigoschin (61) are correspondingly large. Reports of fallen Wagner mercenaries have been appearing again and again over the past few months. But the losses never end. And they appear to be larger than previously assumed.

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