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Bolivia’s opposition leader arrested

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He is said to have planned a coup

Bolivia’s opposition leader arrested

Police have arrested Bolivian opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho for his involvement in an alleged coup.

ARCHIVE – Santa Cruz Gov. Luis Fernando Camacho shows the thumbs up outside the Presidential Palace in 2019 after President Morales was forced to leave office. Photo: Juan Karita/AP/dpa

The governor of the state of Santa Cruz was arrested on Wednesday on the basis of an arrest warrant, the attorney general said. The right-wing politician is accused of playing an important role in the protests against the then head of state Evo Morales in 2019. Morales eventually had to resign, the current left-wing government sees the protests at the time as a coup d’état.

The government of the economically strong state of Santa Cruz described the arrest of its governor as a kidnapping. The 43-year-old was arrested during an irregular police operation and taken to an unknown location, the provincial government said. She held President Luis Arce responsible for Camacho’s security.

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