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Boris Johnson received financial aid as Prime Minister

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900,000 francs and free vacation from a related entrepreneur

Boris Johnson took financial help when he was prime minister

Boris Johnson is said to have received a loan of CHF 900,000 from a distantly related Canadian entrepreneur during his time as British Prime Minister. At the same time, he applied for a lucrative post in a British organization.


Had financial support during his tenure: British ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson (58).

According to a report in the Sunday Times, former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (58) received financial support during his tenure – and did not make this public.

According to the report, a Canadian entrepreneur distantly related to Johnson vouched for a consumer loan of around CHF 900,000 available from February 2021. Johnson and his family are also said to have taken several vacations at one of the man’s luxury estates in the Caribbean without paying for it.

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