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Bosnian Serbs provoke with a parade

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Milorad Dodik (M), chief of the Serbs and President of the Republic of Srpsak of Bosnia, takes part in a parade marking the 31st anniversary of the Republic of Srpska. Thousands of flag-waving people gathered on the outskirts of Sarajevo to celebrate a banned holiday linked to the country’s brutal inter-ethnic war of the 1990s. Photo: Armin Durgut/AP/dpa

2000 paramilitaries, police officers and civil servants of the Serb Republic (RS) marched in East Sarajevo in front of RS President Milorad Dodik and his guests on Monday. The parade was part of the celebrations of the so-called RS Day. Several thousand Serbs lined the way and waved the flags of the RS and neighboring Serbia.

The Bosnian constitutional court declared the annual march on January 9 to be unconstitutional. This year it was held for the first time in East Sarajevo, a small area on the eastern edge of the Bosnian capital that belongs to the RS. On January 9, 1992, the convicted war criminal Radovan Karadzic founded the Bosnian Serb Republic with the support of the rest of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro). In the war that followed (1992-1995), the Yugoslav and Bosnian Serb military committed genocide, massacres and expelled Bosniak and Croat populations.

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