Saturday, December 3, 2022

Brite kills this monster rat in his garden

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Blackburn’s Pied Piper Derek Blamire proudly poses with his catch.

Derek Blamire (82) and his wife Sylvia (80) from Blackburn (UK) constantly have rats in their garden. For seven years, the senior has been trying to get rid of the plague and set up a lot of traps. He has already been able to catch 50 animals. Now the Brit has apparently caught the king of rats. The animal should be exceptionally large. About 45 centimeters. “As long as a little baby,” Blamire told the Daily Mail.

When he saw the rodent in the poison trap, he called his wife. “Come out with your phone, I have something to show you.” When his wife saw the rat, she was scared to death.

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