Friday, March 31, 2023

British Prime Minister Sunak delivers his first New Year’s speech

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Warns of persistent problems

British Prime Minister Sunak delivers his first New Year’s speech

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak warns of a difficult new year in his New Year’s speech.

ARCHIVE – Rishi Sunak, Prime Minister of Great Britain, attends the summit of the joint expeditionary force (JEF) defense cooperation of northern European countries. Photo: Henry Nicholls/Pool Reuters via AP/dpa

“I will not pretend that all our problems will go away in the new year,” Sunak said. “But 2023 will give us an opportunity to showcase Britain’s assets on the world stage, continue to stand with our Ukrainian friends against Putin’s brutality, and defend freedom and democracy wherever we see it threatened.”

Overlooking the coronation of King Charles III. on May 6, Sunak said the country will come together with pride in everything that makes this country great. “Yes, 2023 will bring us challenges, but the government I lead puts your priorities first,” the PM said.

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