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Brutal girls (13) shock Germany

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Video shows them beating teenagers

Brutal girls (13) shock Germany

A video that is currently circulating on social media is shocking Germany. It shows two teenage girls in Baden-Württemberg who, completely uninhibited, beat up a 14-year-old girl. The beating victim was so badly beaten that he is now in the hospital.

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Two girls beat a 14-year-old on the platform in Rastatt. Even when the victim is on the ground, they kick him multiple times.

They kick their victim in the head six times. The scenes showing a beating video from Germany are stunned. It shows two 13-year-old girls on a platform in Rastatt, Baden-Württemberg, beating a teenager (14) who is hospitalized. This reports the “image”.

The brutal girls kick their victim over and over again. They kick her in the stomach and head with full force several times until the victim is writhing on the floor in pain and begging for mercy. The recordings were made last weekend.

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