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Can Germany really deport the child molester to us?

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Afghan (35) should go to Switzerland

Can Germany really deport the child molester to us?

A child molester from Afghanistan convicted in Germany crossed the Swiss border back into Germany. He is now serving the remainder of his sentence. Under certain conditions, he could be deported to Switzerland.

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An Afghan was convicted in Germany and later deported – but he re-entered the country. (icon picture)


Fabian BabicEditor News

It is news that is causing a stir: an Afghan child molester (35) who has returned to Germany could be deported to Switzerland. This writes the “image” on Monday. “But only if Switzerland plays along,” the article continues. The man is currently serving his sentence in a German prison for abusing a boy (6) and a girl (8).

The man was deported to his homeland as early as February 2021, the “Bild” reported. Even before the Taliban took power in the summer of 2021. But he didn’t stay long in Afghanistan. In December 2022 he suddenly returned: he traveled to Germany via Switzerland. He got on tram line 8 in Basel and was later caught during a check in Weil am Rhein (D).

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