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Child is born with seven kilograms

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Record baby in Brazil

Child is born with seven kilograms

Brazil’s largest baby was born last Wednesday in Parintins in the Amazon region, weighing seven kilograms. The child is healthy. The obesity is attributed to a form of diabetes in the mother.

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What a bundle of joy: Baby Angerson was born at 7.328 kilograms and 59 centimeters, making him the tallest child in Brazil.

Cleidiane Santos (27) from Parintins, a town in the Amazon region in Brazil, gave birth to her sixth child last Wednesday. The child was born healthy – but looked a little different than most other babies. The newborn boy named Angerson already weighed 7.328 kilos and was 59 centimeters tall. That makes him the biggest baby ever born in Brazil, according to local media.

The child was delivered by caesarean section because doctors determined during a routine check-up that the baby was too big for a natural birth. The doctors assumed the baby would weigh six kilograms and were then surprised when the “little one” exceeded the forecasts.

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