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China opens border – end of almost 3 years of self-isolation

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No more quarantine for visitors

China is reopening its borders after almost three years of self-isolation

After the end of the zero-Covid policy, China reopens to foreign countries. The lockdown, which has lasted almost three years, ends this Sunday. But it will take months for travel to return to normal.


People in China have been waiting for this moment for a long time. After almost three years of lockdown, the country’s borders are open to travelers again – like here at the border crossing to Hong Kong.

After almost three years, China has reopened its borders. A month after the end of the rigorous zero-Covid policy, tens of thousands of Hong Kongers were the first to travel across the border crossings to the People’s Republic on Sunday. Most entry restrictions and, above all, the one-week compulsory quarantine on arrival that was recently required were abolished with effect from Sunday. According to the authorities, however, the opening should take place in an “orderly manner”, so that the number of entries and exits or the issuing of visas will continue to be limited.

For residents of the Chinese special administrative region, a quota of 50,000 entries per day applies for the time being, for which visitors have to register via an online platform. The demand for China’s long isolation was high: 410,000 Hong Kongers have already registered, the newspaper “South China Morning Post” reported. In the opposite direction, a limited number of 6,600 travelers from China were able to cross the Hong Kong border on Sunday. Travelers must show negative PCR tests from the last 48 hours.

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