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Club on stilts sinks into river in Belgrade

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Club in Belgrade is sinking in the water – Swiss Ana T. right in the middle

“I was afraid for my life”

For Ana T. (18) from Zurich and her friends, a New Year’s Eve party in Serbia ended with a shock. The group was in Belgrade in a bar built on stilts in the river. Shortly after midnight, however, the club began to decline at a rapid pace!


The affected club has sunk further and further into the river.

This New Year’s Eve celebration fell through! Just after midnight, the stilted nightclub Freestyler in the Serbian capital of Belgrade began sinking into the Sava River. Right in the middle: Zurich KV Foundation Ana T.* (18) with her partner and friends. “Panic broke out immediately, fortunately nobody was seriously injured,” said the young woman on the phone the day after Blick.

At the time of the accident, around ten minutes after the turn of the year, the club was full. “There were a lot of Swiss and Swiss-Serbs here,” says Ana T. The atmosphere was good until suddenly a jolt went through the bar. “I didn’t understand what was going on. Someone shouted knife, knife and everyone rushed towards the exit. The club’s employees were the first to disappear,” says T.

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