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Cold-blooded murder of Swiss († 61) emigrants in Colombia

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Conflict over water as a motive for the crime?

Swiss emigrants († 61) murdered in cold blood in Colombia

Murder of a Swiss emigrant in South American Colombia. The 61-year-old was known and loved in the area. The killers struck down the coffee farmer with several shots.


Fatally struck down by unknown persons: Swiss emigrant Philipp Armin K. was murdered on Thursday in his adopted country of Colombia.

Cold-blooded murder of a Swiss emigrant in Trujillo, Colombia. Philip Armin K.* († 61) had settled with his local wife in the village of 18,000 for years to grow coffee and other agricultural products. The bloody crime happened on Thursday December 1st.

The local newspaper “Semana” quotes the responsible police investigator as saying that unknown persons struck down the Swiss with a firearm. The victim was in the process of installing the Internet in a school. He had exchanged words with the attackers. They “repeatedly fired their gun and fled the scene on a motorcycle.”

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