Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Covid autopsy study finds virus everywhere in body

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Infections can continue even after recovering from corona disease

Large Covid autopsy study finds virus throughout body

A large-scale autopsy study shows that Covid can affect not only the respiratory tract but the whole body. The virus was also detected after surviving an illness in the brain, the heart, everywhere in the body – which explains Long Covid.


Three years after the appearance of the corona virus, it is still not completely clear how Covid infects various organs beyond the respiratory system.


Daniel KestenholzEditor night duty

Conspiracy theories about Covid-19 persist even after the pandemic has weakened. A silent majority is vaccinated. Others continue to speak of some kind of flu. Loud Covid doubters warn that dangerous, insufficiently tested vaccines can be injected.

A first-time study is now doing away with the belief that Covid is more or less a pipe dream. In the most comprehensive autopsy tissue study ever, researchers have found traces of the Sars-CoV-2 virus throughout the human body, from the brain to the heart to the eyes.

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