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Do the Swiss have to defend Kosovo now?

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Despite tensions with Serbia, a withdrawal of the Swisscoy soldiers is currently not an issue

Do the Swiss have to defend Kosovo now?

The tense situation on the border with Serbia could become dangerous for the Swiss soldiers in Kosovo. A withdrawal is currently not an issue. What would their task be if the Serbs invaded the country?


Training for emergencies: During an exercise, members of the Swiss army cleared a roadblock in Kosovo.


Guido Fieldsforeign editor

Tensions are high between Serbia and Kosovo. After Serbia put the army on alert, Kosovo closed a third border crossing – the largest – at Podujevo. The 195 Swiss army members of Swisscoy, which supports the NATO-led security force KFOR in Kosovo, are also affected by the conflict.

Daniel Seckler (33), media spokesman at Swissint, the Swiss Army’s center of excellence for military peacebuilding, calms things down for the time being. He told Blick: “The recent events in northern Kosovo show that the situation in this part of the country is fragile and currently tense. Despite this, the situation in Kosovo can generally be regarded as calm and stable in most parts of the country, also thanks to the deployment of KFOR.”

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