Thursday, December 1, 2022

Doctors in Kyiv save a child’s life without electricity

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OP continues after rocket attack

Doctors in Kyiv save a child’s life without electricity

The Russians keep attacking the power grid in Ukraine. A hospital in the capital Kyiv suddenly ran out of power during heart surgery. Despite this, the doctors were able to save the child’s life.


The doctors in Kyiv only have to operate with a lamp.

The operating room is unusually dark. Only one lamp gives light to the doctors. You’re operating on a child’s open heart. Thanks to a generator, the important devices are still running in the background. Because the heart institute in Kyiv was without electricity. The reason: The Russian army attacked the power grid in Ukraine again on Wednesday.

After the Russian shelling, the water and electricity supply failed in Kyiv on Wednesday. According to the Ukrainian authorities, there were also blackouts in other parts of the country. A substation was damaged in rocket attacks in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv. According to Governor Maxym Kosyzky, the power went out in two parts of the city.

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