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Does Bolsonaro want to become Italian now?

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After storming the seat of government, Bolsonaro is threatened with expulsion from the United States

Does Brazil’s ex-president now want to become Italian?

Jair Bolsonaro is already an honorary citizen of an Italian village. Two of his five sons have applied for Italian citizenship. Is the ultra-right Brazilian ex-president now also looking for exile in the realm of Giorgia Meloni?


Jair Bolsonaro left Brazil for Florida immediately after losing the runoff election. Now Democratic MPs are calling for his expulsion from the United States.


Myrtle MuellerOutside Reporter News

The rumor persists. Brazilian media bring it up, Italian ones continue to simmer it. Jair Bolsonaro (67) is said to have applied for Italian citizenship in Rome. Reason: a safe exile.

In the US, Bolsonaro’s right of residence seems to be shaking. The ex-president of Brazil traveled to Florida right after the runoff election at the end of October, which he narrowly lost to the left-wing candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (77). Since then, Bolsonaro and his family have lived in the villa of Brazilian MMA fighter José Aldo (36).

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