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Does Putin even know what’s going on on the battlefield?

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Experts claim: Kremlin boss is supplied with outdated information about the war

Does Putin even know what’s going on on the battlefield?

Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin (70) is still convinced that he can win in Ukraine. According to experts, they know the reason for such statements: Putin’s advisors would only inform their boss to a limited extent about the actual situation on the battlefield.


According to experts, Russian President Vladimir Putin does not know exactly what is going on at the front.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (70) switches and rules as he wants. This has not been a secret since the Russian invasion of Ukraine at the latest.

Even as his troops were being pushed hard, Putin insisted his forces would not retreat. In the past, such orders have repeatedly given the impression that the Kremlin ruler has only a limited understanding of the reality on the battlefield. But that’s not all: As the “Wall Street Journal” now reports, experts from Russia, the USA and Ukraine are said to even claim that Putin’s advisors are sending their boss outdated information about the Ukraine war.

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