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Dog turns on hair dryer – and sets house on fire

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Nice mess in England

Dog turns on hair dryer – and sets house on fire

In a small town north-east of London, a bedroom catches fire on Christmas Eve of all days. Responsible are a plugged-in hair dryer – and a dog that accidentally turns on the device.


The bedroom is completely sooty.

This Christmas Eve literally went to the dogs for a homeowner in the British town of Hockley. In the town of 9,000 people northeast of London, the tree didn’t burn on Christmas Eve – but an entire bedroom did. The reason: A four-legged friend left alone.

The dog was alone in the house when it hopped onto a bed and accidentally started a plugged-in hair dryer that was lying on the mattress, the fire department said. As a result, the entire bedding and mattress caught fire. “When the homeowner returned, the entire house was full of smoke,” the fire department continued. The animal was waiting for its mistress at the front door.

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