Wednesday, March 22, 2023

EU states should finance more weapons for Ukraine

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Ukrainian soldiers in the Luhansk region. Photo: Libkos/AP/dpa

According to a senior EU official, it is planned to obtain the necessary approval from the member states for the move at a meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday. The official said on Friday that an additional 45 million euros would go to the new EU training mission for Ukrainian armed forces. The EU wants to use the additional 500 million euros to finance weapons and equipment for the Ukrainians.

So far, 500 million euros have been approved six times – a total of three billion euros. The money comes from the so-called European Peace Facility – a new EU financing instrument that can be used to strengthen armed forces in partner countries. A financial ceiling of five billion euros (at 2018 prices) originally applied to them, but this was last increased by two billion euros in December. A further increase of 3.5 billion euros should then be possible by 2027. According to the federal government, Germany finances around a quarter of the funds.

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