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Extinction Rebellion don’t want to stick anymore

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Other climate protest forms planned

Extinction Rebellion don’t want to stick anymore

The climate chaos from Extinction Rebellion have announced that they will no longer stick to the asphalt and block traffic in the future. Instead, they are planning other forms of protest. Parliament is to be surrounded.


Extincion Rebellion climate activists are changing their protest tactics.

For the time being, the activists of the Extinction Rebellion movement in Great Britain no longer want to stick themselves to works of art and block roads in protest against the lack of climate protection. The group announced this on New Year’s Day in a message entitled “We’re stopping”.

The disruptive actions – which are controversial among the population – were important in order to stir up and to denounce systematic political failure in the face of the climate crisis. However, “tactics would have to be continuously developed”: From now on, one wants to put more pressure on responsible politicians by mobilizing the broad masses of society for forms of collective protest.

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