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Fight against drugs grips the whole world

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Successful searches are teamwork

Global large-scale operation against cocaine cartels

Spectacular finds of cocaine, large-scale raids, mass arrests – without the close cooperation of international investigators, nobody can stop the powerful drug cartels.


Dario Antonio Úsuga (50) aka “Otoniel” was finally arrested on October 23, 2021. When the cartel boss was arrested, 500 soldiers, 150 police officers and 22 helicopters were deployed.


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The indictment only gives an idea of ​​the extent of the crime. Drug lord Alvaro H.* (47) will be before the Basel-Stadt criminal court from Monday. The Colombian with a Spanish passport and C-ID is accused of crimes against the Narcotics Act and money laundering. It’s about drug trafficking in the private sphere up to international drug transport. Tons of cocaine were shipped from Colombia to Europe, Africa and Australia on a massive scale.

Contacts from the so-called Clan del Golfo appear in Alvaro H.’s mobile phone chats. It’s the largest drug cartel in the world. The Colombian syndicate hit the headlines worldwide in October 2021 when the clan boss Dario Antonio Úsuga (51), known as “Otoniel”, was spectacularly arrested in the jungle of Panama. 500 soldiers and 150 police officers are involved in the action. 22 helicopters are used for the arrest. The search success is teamwork. The Colombians are flanked by the US drug enforcement agency DEA.

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