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“First come the tanks, then the atomic bombs”

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Trump warns of nuclear war in Ukraine

“First come the tanks, then the atomic bombs”

Being anti-mainstream has always been Donald Trump’s political recipe. Now the former US President is warning of a nuclear attack in the Ukraine war. This is because deliveries of tanks from the West to Kyiv are a precursor to nuclear weapons.

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Former US President Donald Trump has warned of a nuclear war in Ukraine.

Former US President Donald Trump (76) is concerned that Western countries sending tanks to Kyiv could trigger a nuclear conflict. “First come the tanks, then the atomic bombs,” Trump wrote on his Truth Social platform on Thursday. «End this crazy war, now. So easy to do!» Trump did not offer any concrete proposals for a solution, such as ending the war.

Trump has previously claimed to be a bringer of peace who also does not incite new conflicts. Trump rushed to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. He called North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un (39) his friend. Trump met Russian President Vladimir Putin (70) five times when he was still in the White House.

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