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First Lady Jill Biden tested negative again

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After Covid infection

First Lady Jill Biden tested negative again

The US President’s wife, Jill Biden, has tested negative after being infected with the corona virus. The 71-year-old will return to the capital Washington on Tuesday, the White House announced on Monday.

ARCHIVE – Jill Biden, First Lady of the United States. Photo: Niyi Fote/TheNEWS2 via ZUMA Press Wire/dpa

In the middle of last week, Biden tested positive again after a “relapse” of her Covid infection. She had no symptoms but continued to isolate herself. Like her husband Joe Biden, who got over his infection a few weeks ago, Biden had been treated with the drug Paxlovid. It is well known that Covid disease can return shortly after therapy with Paxlovid. According to scientists, however, it rarely occurs. The President also suffered a relapse a few days after being infected in July.

Such a “Covid rebound” usually occurs two to eight days after an initial recovery, according to the US health authority CDC. Paxlovid is generally recommended for patients who are not seriously ill but are at high risk of being admitted to hospital, for example because of their age. The tablets from the US company Pfizer contain two active ingredients that are intended to inhibit the multiplication of the virus in the body.

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