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First the Greta low blow, then arrested because of Greta

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Wanted by arrest warrant for human trafficking – Influencer Andrew Tate betrayed by Romanian pizza

First the Greta low blow, then arrest because of Greta

First climate icon Greta Thunberg humiliates him, then he accidentally reveals his whereabouts because of Greta. Protz influencer Andrew Tate, who was written out by arrest warrant, is now behind bars. Betrayed him… a Romanian pizza.


Today Protz influencer Andrew Tate is likely to curse this photo with which he tried to provoke climate icon Greta Thunberg on Twitter.


Daniel KestenholzEditor night duty

Climate icon Greta Thunberg (19) has just given the influencer macho Andrew Tate (36) a verbal smack below the belt. The teenager epicly countered a provocation by the muscle man. Tate had wanted to tease the petite Swede with his fleet of gas-guzzling sports carts. Instead, he was speechless. Apparently, that was just a foretaste of the trouble Tate is now in the throes of. Tate was arrested. The handcuffs apparently clicked because of the Greta provocation.

Tate was arrested by Romanian police on Thursday along with his brother Tristan, 34, in connection with the kidnapping of two girls. An arrest warrant had been issued for a long time. Romanian authorities did not know Tate’s whereabouts. Until he revealed it himself: In response to the Greta shame, Tate released a two-minute anger video – with a pizza box in the foreground that betrayed him.

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