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For the first time, more electricity from wind and sun than from gas

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EU production in 2022

For the first time, more electricity from wind and sun than from gas

In 2022, for the first time in the EU, more electricity was produced from wind and sun than from gas. According to an analysis by the Ember Climate think tank, around 22 percent of electricity came from solar and wind power last year, which is proportionally more than ever before.

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Production of electricity from renewable energy sources has surpassed gas in the European Union. (archive image)

In 2021 it was about 19 percent. On the other hand, almost 20 percent of the EU electricity mix came from gas – almost one percentage point less than in 2021. According to Ember Climate, a total of 623 terawatt hours (TWh) came from wind and sun last year.

According to figures from the think tank, Germany generated the most wind and solar energy in 2022 – 126 terawatt hours from wind and 59 terawatt hours from the sun. However, the shares of wind and solar energy in the German electricity mix were lower compared to other EU countries: When it comes to generation from the sun, the Netherlands are the frontrunners with 14 percent of the total electricity mix, followed by Greece and Hungary (both 13 percent). According to the figures, Germany gets almost 10 percent of its electricity from the sun.

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