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General warns of war between USA and China

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“I hope I’m wrong”

Air Force General predicts US-China war in 2025

In addition to the war in Ukraine, is the next armed conflict looming soon? US Air Force General Michael Minihan fears war could break out between the US and China. The US Department of Defense disagrees.

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US Air Force General Michael Minihan expressed his gloomy forecast for 2025.


Marian NadlerEditor News

Senior military officer Michael Minihan (56) wrote a memo to the commanders of the so-called Air Mobility Command. The reason: According to the Air Force General, the United States and China will face each other on the battlefield in two years. “I hope I’m wrong. My feeling tells me that we will fight in 2025,” US media quoted Minihan as saying.

Top General Minihan heads the air mobility command, which is responsible, among other things, for in-flight refueling. In his letter, he referred to the ambitions of the Chinese head of state Xi Jinping (69) to “integrate” the island of Taiwan into the People’s Republic – if necessary by force.

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