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German hunter drowns a deer in a garden pond

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Shock video from Germany

German hunter drowns a deer in a garden pond

A video is causing a stir in Germany. It shows a hunter butchering a young deer in a garden pond. In the meantime, the veterinary office and the public prosecutor’s office have also become involved.

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The public prosecutor’s office in Germany is investigating this hunter after a video of a deer killing caused a stir on the Internet.

There are disturbing images that are circulating on the Internet – and have now led to the authorities taking action. You can see how an injured deer is killed in a garden pond in the Spreewald (D). The hunter grabs the knife and stabs the animal. Several times. Shortly thereafter, the water of the pond turns red.

But the deer continues to wriggle wildly in the water. Finally, the hunter loses the knife. So he grabs the animal’s antlers and repeatedly pushes its head under the water. Until the deer stops moving. Hundreds of comments can be found under the video. “Perfidious cruelty and sadism paired with incompetence: That’s hobby hunting!” It says. Another writes: “Just sick.”

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