Tuesday, November 29, 2022

German Porsche teenager (17) caught racing again!

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And Mom sat next to it again

German Porsche teenager (17) caught racing again!

A German accelerated too much in a Porsche – and how. The 17-year-old was 100 km/h faster than allowed. He probably didn’t learn anything from that. Shortly thereafter he was caught again.


A few days ago this Porsche was flashed in Berlin. Instead of 85 he drove 165 kilometers per hour.

In mid-August, a teenager (17) sped through a 120 zone on the autobahn in Brandenburg, Germany, at 219 km/h. On the side seat of the Porsche: his mother – the boy wasn’t allowed to drive alone yet.

The 17-year-old was fined 570 francs and a two-month driving ban. But the punishment doesn’t seem to have impressed either the mother or the son. The 17-year-old hit the gas again. Again with the mother in the passenger seat.

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