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Germans should leave Iran, Swiss can stay

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Berlin warns, Bern waits

Germans should leave Iran, Swiss can stay

Berlin fears that Germans will be targeted by the mullahs – and is urging them to leave Iran. Switzerland, on the other hand, is waiting with such calls.


On Saturday, more than a thousand people demonstrated in Bern against the Iran regime – and against Switzerland’s restraint.

The regime in Iran tried again this week to put down the protests in the country with all their might. According to human rights activists, around 300 demonstrators have died so far. It is not foreseeable that the mullah regime will give in. Recently, the head of the Revolutionary Guards openly threatened to use the military against the protesters. It would be a new escalation level.

Germany is now pulling the ripcord and urging its compatriots to leave Iran. “For German nationals, there is a concrete risk of being arbitrarily arrested, interrogated and sentenced to long prison terms,” ​​Berlin warned on Thursday. Above all, dual citizens who have Iranian citizenship in addition to German are at risk.

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