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Girl († 12) dies in strangle dare

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Tiktok tragedy in Argentina

Girl († 12) dies in strangle dare

A 12-year-old girl died in a Tiktok challenge in Argentina. Milagros Soto († 12) took part in the strangle dare and strangled himself to death. It is not an isolated case: there are already 20 victims worldwide.

Published: 11 minutes ago


Milagros Soto († 12) from Argentina died in a challenge on Tiktok.

She wanted to take part in a Tiktok challenge and lost her young life in the process. The family of Milagros Soto († 12) is in shock. “We are heartbroken,” writes Laura Luque, the girl’s aunt on Facebook.

The student was on Friday the so-called “choking or blackout challenge” (suffocation challenge) the girl’s undoing. This is a life-threatening Tiktok trend in which victims are expected to hold their breath or even choke to the point of unconsciousness. The participants, who are often alone in the daring test of courage, film themselves doing it.

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