Friday, March 31, 2023

Girlfriends die in the rubble of Dnipro

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Russian missile attack on apartment building

Girlfriends die in the rubble of Dnipro

Again, the Russians fired numerous rockets at Ukraine. The centrally located city of Dnipro was hit particularly hard. At least 30 people have died in an apartment building.


Olha Usova (left) and Irina Salamatenko are said to have died in the rocket attack on Dnipro.

They smile at the camera, fooling around. Two friends are clearly having fun on a car ride, as can be seen in a black and white photo.

But the women are no longer alive. Ukrainian women Olha Usova and Irina Salamatenko, whose photo was shared on Twitter by Ukrainian disinformation and security expert Maria Avdeyeva, are said to have been killed in the last major Russian rocket attack. Namely in Dnipro, where an X22 missile destroyed a residential building.

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