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Greens and climate activists tear each other apart

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Open hernia in Lützerath

Greens and climate activists tear each other apart

The German village of Lützerath is to be dredged away for lignite mining. On the other hand, numerous local climate activists are fighting back. Irony of fate: The deal was engineered by the Greens, of all people.


Climate activists have barricaded themselves in the hamlet of Lützerath, southwest of the German city of Düsseldorf.


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Treason. Hypocrisy. The climate protectors in Germany are in tatters. The occupation of the hamlet of Lützerath by activists shows this very clearly. With the action, the participants are fighting against the planned mining of the lignite deposits there. The approval for the work was granted by the Greens of all people: Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck (53) and North Rhine-Westphalian Economics Minister Mona Neubaur (45) negotiated a deal with the energy company RWE last October. According to this, the coal deposits in Lützerath may be exploited in return for an early postponement of the phase-out of lignite mining from 2038 to 2030.

The federal government’s traffic light alliance is under pressure: the nuclear phase-out is to be completed by April 15 of this year at the latest. Then there is the energy crisis – because of the Ukraine war, no more Russian gas flows to Germany. How are you supposed to do all of this at the same time? Lützerath offered a remedy. At the same time, the service life of two lignite-fired power plants, which should have been shut down at the end of the year, was extended until the end of March 2024. In the eyes of the federal government, the lignite reserves of Lützerath must help to bridge an impending power shortage.

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