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Here Pakistanis set fire to the Swiss flag

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Here Pakistanis set fire to the Swiss flag

A video circulating online shows a group of Pakistanis setting a Swiss flag on fire. The reason: In Sweden, right-wing extremists had burned the Koran. Only later do the protesters realize that they had lit the wrong flag.

Published: 4:31 p.m


Updated: 6:11 p.m


During a protest in Pakistan, a group sets fire to the Swiss flag.

It happens again and again that Switzerland is confused with Sweden. Just last summer, US President Joe Biden (80) fell into the trap and spoke of “Switzerland” instead of Sweden at the NATO summit in Madrid.

Now it has happened once more – in Pakistan. As a video shows, a group of demonstrators also find Sweden and Switzerland confusingly similar. Instead of the Swedish flag, she lights a Swiss flag during a protest action. This is reported by Watson.

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