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Humanitarian aid in Pakistan is lacking

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“On the Edge of a Precipice”

Humanitarian aid in Pakistan is lacking

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Pakistan is on the brink of an abyss after the devastating floods of recent months.

The devastating floods in Pakistan this summer have intensified debate over an issue of climate justice. Photo: Arshad Butt/AP/dpa

Eight million people need medical help, Cairo-based WHO emergency relief director for the region Rick Brennan said Tuesday via video link to journalists in Geneva. So far, the WHO has received less than ten percent of the $81 million (€81.5 million) it needs for the emergency operation. The entire United Nations emergency aid plan for Pakistan, amounting to 816 million euros, is only 16 percent covered so far.

According to the official figures, 1,600 people died in the floods in the South Asian country with more than 225 million inhabitants. Millions of people were made homeless and countless bridges, roads, houses, fields, clinics and hospitals were destroyed or damaged.

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