Tuesday, March 28, 2023

In 2022 there wasn’t a single bank robbery

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Peaceful Denmark: As part of the phasing out of cash in bank branches, Denmark has for the first time experienced a full year without a single bank robbery. (icon picture)

While there were still 221 armed bank robberies in comparatively peaceful Denmark in 2000, there have always been fewer than ten since 2017 and finally none at all in 2022, as the banking association Finansforbundet announced on Tuesday.

Cash has been steadily losing importance in the Scandinavian country for years and hardly plays a role in everyday life. The Corona crisis accelerated this trend. As a result, the country’s banks have hardly any cash reserves in their branches. In March of last year, the central bank announced that in 2021 cash would only account for twelve percent of payment transactions, even in 2017 it was only 23 percent.

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