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Injured Briton wants to return to the Ukraine front

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His nickname is «Rambo»

Injured Briton wants to return to the Ukraine front

Brit Shareef Amin volunteered to help Ukraine against Putin’s troops. He is badly wounded in the process. Nevertheless, he wants to go back to the front as soon as he is fit enough again.


Despite his many injuries, Shareef Amin is able to smile.

His body is covered with wounds. Shareef Amin (40) was seriously injured in an operation behind enemy lines in Ukraine in early October. The Briton and his comrades were attacked with shells and artillery. Amin suffered multiple gunshot wounds, shrapnel in his arms and legs, and punctures in his lungs. Only with a lot of luck did he survive the attack. Comrades brought the injured out of the field of fire, as the “Daily Mail” reports.

Amin spent three months in Bristol hospital. The doctors thought the chances that he would ever walk again were slim. Due to his injuries, he has largely lost feeling in his right hand and foot. But the Brit was able to get up again and take his first steps.

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