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Iran publicly outraged Prince Harry

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Because of Taliban confession

Now Iran is shooting at Prince Harry

Iran is outraged by Prince Harry’s admission of killing 25 Taliban fighters. The background is political tensions with Harry’s home country: Iran has upset the British by executing a dual citizen.

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In his biography, Prince Harry reports on two missions in Afghanistan.

The biography “Spare” by Prince Harry (38) causes red heads not only in the British royal family, but also in the Iranian government. Because in the book, Prince Harry reports on two missions in Afghanistan. He is said to have killed 25 Taliban fighters. “It wasn’t something I was happy about, but it wasn’t anything I was ashamed of either,” Harry writes.

Now the Iranian Foreign Ministry has commented on Twitter. Iran accused the Duke of Sussex of showing no remorse for killing “innocent” people and accused Britain of allowing this “war crime”. It goes on to say that anyone who allows something like this has no right to want to teach others about human rights.

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