Monday, December 5, 2022

Is Putin planning a mega-mobilization for spring?

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Since the fall, Putin has sent countless Russians to war as part of mobilization.


Anastasia MamonovaEditor News

At the end of October, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced the end of partial mobilization. 300,000 men were admitted to the ranks of the Russian troops. Is that the end of it? Can the Russians breathe easy? Might not.

Russia expert Stefan Meister from the German Council on Foreign Relations believes that Putin’s goal is to “conscript over a million men” and convert the country to a war economy. “I’m currently assuming that Russia could start a new offensive in the spring, when the new soldiers have been trained,” he says to “Focus”. This would have serious consequences for the people in the country. Society would then have to “prepare for a longer war” and also expect “to mourn more victims”.

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