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Is Putin’s tidal wave weapon now operational?

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Russia announces production of first underwater drone Poseidon

Is Putin’s tidal wave weapon now operational?

It should be able to generate a 500 meter high tidal wave: the underwater drone Poseidon. Now Russian media are reporting that a first batch of Putin’s nuclear weapon has been manufactured.

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With the mega weapon Poseidon should be able to trigger 500 meter high waves. At least that’s what the chief propagandist of Russia Today, Dmitry Kiselyov, claimed last year.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, its top speed should be 220 km/h, and it should also be able to dive one kilometer deep: the Poseidon underwater drone. Now the Russians’ mysterious 24-meter-long tidal wave weapon has apparently been completed.

“The first batch of Poseidon ammunition has been manufactured and will soon be delivered to the nuclear-powered special submarine Belgorod,” the state news agency Tass quoted a source close to the Russian defense industry as saying.

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