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Japan’s police warn schoolgirls about subway gropers

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At the university entrance exam

Japan’s police warn schoolgirls about subway gropers

In Japan, the two-day university entrance exams are coming up. The police warns especially prospective female students against subway gropers. Many don’t report the gropers because they don’t want to be late for the exam.


In Japan, the entrance exams for the university are coming up.

Japan’s police warn schoolgirls against subway gropers as they take national university entrance exams. At Tokyo’s Shinjuku central station, with its millions of passengers every day, before the start of the two-day tests, in which hundreds of thousands of schoolchildren across the country take part at the same time, the police called for an end to the “chikan” (groper) problem, as the newspaper “Nikkan Sports” reported on Wednesday reported.

In Japan’s chronically overcrowded subways, women can easily become victims of gropers. «Chikan» is such a serious problem that at certain times there are compartments for women only.

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