Monday, February 6, 2023

Kim announces outbreak of “unknown respiratory disease”

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Cases of an “unknown respiratory disease” are increasing in the North Korean capital Pyongyang. The authorities have therefore ordered a five-day lockdown, the Seoul-based news portal “NK News” reported on Wednesday, citing a government announcement.

Until Sunday evening, residents of the city must remain in their homes and undergo temperature checks several times a day. In anticipation of stricter measures, residents would now stock up on goods. It is not yet clear whether a lockdown will also be imposed in other parts of North Korea.

The “unknown respiratory disease” is very likely to be the corona virus – but this is not mentioned at all in the message. There is a good reason for this: Last August, dictator Kim Jong Un announced that he had eradicated the virus in North Korea.

In general, the country only confirmed the first corona case in 2022, and later the dictator himself fell ill. The numbers rose – but on July 29, the country suddenly stopped reporting. Shortly thereafter, Kim Jong Un declared victory over the virus. To date, the regime has never disclosed how many people have contracted or died from the coronavirus. (hey)

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